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** Mumbai attack Predicted ?
Did a book predict Mumbai attack?
By Col Anil Athale

JIHAD: From Hindukush to Armageddon
Published by Eloquent Books, New York
Author : Sunita Joshi-Ford
Pages 186 paper back
Price US $ 13.50

Also available as E book at Diesel E books for US $ 8.80.
Also available on

A few months ago, aware of my interest in the subject, our Europe-based son sent us a book on Jihad, which he described as a “wake-up call for all Indians.”

My first reaction after reading the book was that it was too full of dark and far-fetched predictions about India’s future as an “Islamic Republic”.

But then came the Mumbai attacks of 26/11, and I realized that the author had accurately predicted the method of the Mumbai attack, nearly six months before the event.

Sunita Joshi Ford is not the author’s real name. It is in fact that of the protagonist of the book, and her extraordinary life amidst the continuing depredations and aspirations of Islamic extremists. It is the story, set in the all too near future, of a failing Pakistan and aggressive Islam.

It starts with the capture of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, and the terrifying backlash which lead to nuclear attacks on Mumbai and New York.

At the time, India has fallen under fundamentalist Islam. Complacency, corruption and carelessness ensured that the takeover was swift and thorough, leaving more than one billion people bereft of their former culture and beliefs.

Among those fortunate enough to escape this tragic situation is Sunita, who is adopted by an American General. At the age of 18, she is told of the circumstances of how she came to live with them, and how her mother was probably killed for not relinquishing Sunita to become a member of a harem at the age of ten.

Stunned by this horrific revelation, Sunita dedicates her life to the pursuit of uncovering the truth of her mother’s fate. A fate that is interwoven with that of the world.

The plot contains strategically placed, unexpected twists which sustain the reader’s interest throughout. The characters are developed in a multi-dimensional fashion, revealing their unique personalities and their individual agendas. The taut narrative keeps the focus on the primary story line.

But even more importantly the author, apparently well versed in international intrigues and American politics/policy, has sketched a very realistic picture of American approach to the whole question of terrorism against India.

In fact the scenario painted by the author may well be unfolding in Washington DC at this moment.

Here’s an extract:

“Things took a turn for the worse with rise of Al Qaeda in the early90s. The nuclear ‘Wal-Mart’ that AQ Khan created has already been spelt out by the Secretary of State. The 9/11 attack on the US confirmed our worst fears. In the aftermath of that attack we leaned on Pakistan to shut its proliferation efforts. In return we promised to let them keep 10 nukes to target the Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, and Poona, with a 100 % spare. These are mated with missiles and in fixed silos. We ensured that the targeting system is inflexible. As a quid pro quo, Pakistan agreed to scale down its enrichment for the rest of the Uranium to below weapons grade. Thus, as a bargain we have virtually shut this route of fissile material to the terrorists for use against the US” Admiral Snowcroft explained.

Pausing for breath, he resumed, “All the Corps commanders, the real decision makers in Pakistan, are one with the General/ President on this. This is a well known ‘secret’ in the ruling circles of Pakistan. When the General/ President talks of his ideology of ‘Pakistan First’ he refers to the nukes as well. Even if the Islamists take over the country, no Pak General, howsoever Pan Islamist, will denude the Pak threat to India! When General Aslam Beg and Hamid Gul talked about nuking India, irrespective from where and by whom Pakistan was attacked, both were stating the obvious fact. Pak nukes are uni-directional, aimed at India…”

What this chilling presentation clearly tells us is that when it comes to fighting terror, the Americans are concerned only with American lives.

A must read in these troubled times, if we wish to ensure that our future, and that of our children, is safe and not under extremist rule.
Book on Islam triggers row in Bihar
14 January , 2009

Patna: A bookseller in this Bihar capital was arrested and the publisher was detained after an Urdu book allegedly made objectionable references to Islam, officials said on Wednesday. They had received a complaint last week.

The chief cleric of Jama Masjid in Munger district, Maulana Kari Abdullah Bukhari, had informed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar about the book and demanded immediate action. Kumar directed Home Secretary Afzal Amanullah, the state minority commission chairman Naushad Ahmad and Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar to look into the matter.

Based on a complaint filed by Bukhari, the police arrested the bookseller and detained and interrogated the publisher of the book Nilofer Yasin, who is the wife of the author of the book, Mohammed Yasin Ahmad.

"A bookseller Sarfaraz was arrested and sent to jail and Nilofer was interrogated. Police are likely to arrest her husband Ahmad soon," Patna Superintendent of Police Anwar Hussain said. He said that all of them have been charged with hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community.

"The complainant told the police that there are objectionable references to Islam in the book," Hussain said. Ahmad's book "Islami Surah Ya Beimani Ka Panchnama" raised eyebrows among a section of the Muslim community, particularly clerics.

The 154-page book questioned ten tenets of Islam and the functioning of the Khalifas as well. The police are on the lookout for Ahmad.
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