Tuesday, May 26, 2009

** Punjab Burnt for a day

Punjab Burnt for a Day
May 26, Sulekha Blog
Manmohan Singh

Every citizen including those belonged to Sikh faith at first instance surprised that how attack inside Gurdwara in Vienna ( Austria) is related to the instantaneous unrest in Punjab. People irrespective whether Sikh or Hindu came on the streets and expressed their anger.

First of all, the incidence of Gurdwara in which a saint belonging to Ravidasia faith lost his life and few others were wounded.

Here in Punjab. Agitating people were hailing from Ravidasia faith. Saint Ravidas hailing from south has got following amongst the backward class people of Punjab. Saint Ravidas holy work has got respectable place in holy book of Sikh faith Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Thus he stands amongst the others saints and gurus whose work is included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

This was not Sikhs versus Hindus. As it was not even when Punjab was burning in post Blue Star era ( 1984-1992 ) . Though at that time it was tried to divide the two main communities. They remained united. The reason being both communities believe in the teachings of Sikh gurus and bow against Sri Guru Granth Sahib , as this holy book contains the works of all Sikh , Hindu and Muslim saints. Not only that the common language bind them. Inter caste marriages are common in Punjab.

Ravidasis are backward, not accepted socially by high cast Sikhs (Jats agrarian class). These Ravidasis are landless laborers and workers though some of them have non agricultural industries like leather processing units.

These so called backward class people as generally feel rejected and dejected and whenever they find some reason to revolt they do it. Once their Saint is killed in Vienna they have valid reason to revolt.

Punjab government allowed the situation to worsen to be en cashed for the coming bye-election. Punjab policemen , who are otherwise considered very hard and public generally avoid and afraid of them , were found silently watching. Even not acting when they could easily in some pockets. May be not willing to invite the wrath of public against them also obeying their masters.

Properties worth of crores was destroyed not looted. To whom they are showing their anger. Destroying their own properties which are created by the government by using the contributed income of public in the form of taxes. Badly destroyed was the Maruti showroom at one place. All the high end models were damaged.

Whenever depressed class people get the chance to revolt, first they target the village Bania and his grain shop and loot it. They settle the score over Banias who they think loot the public silently since ages. Here the most damaged was the Maruti Showroom (definitely owned by some high caste businessman).

Agitators were from the section of youth, with no work, from the group of unemployed numbering 18 lacs in Punjab.

It is time to rethink, Gudwaras are meant for all, and in the same spirit Gurus include all the then religious saints irrespective of cast and creeds. Better upper class Jats they show equality to all as their gurus showed.

Some social orientation is needed. On the government part youth of the Punjab need work and employment. This is to be started now unless the things take ugly turn and politicians utilize the situation for their ends, with fresh wounds to be healed for the decades to come.

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