Thursday, October 16, 2008

** Open Letter to Pope

An open letter to Pope by Shri Indresh Kumar
Stop conversion in the guise of service
Ashok Chaurasia, Organiser

Patron and Convener of Himalaya Pariwar, Friends of International Society and Nationalist Muslim Forum, Shri Indresh Kumar, wrote an open letter to the Pope Benedict XVI requesting him to do away with the service activities being done by the Christian missionaries with the motive of converting people to Christianity.

“Conversion to Christianity in the pretext of service, health, education and co-operation is an insult and devaluation to the service itself and a crime against humanity,” he said adding that charity in many forms is done by several religious people, their groups to serve humanity, but they do not persuade the served people to change their religion, original faith and culture, but Christianity in the name of services do it.

“It proves that your services are selfish motivated and expansionist as well as intolerant,” he added. “When I learn the Christians’ demand for reservation in India, a question flashes in my mind that Christianity, which claims to constitute a society free from untouchables and believes in equality, its followers have belied all its claims and proved that their religion differentiates between people on the basis of their birth.

May be, that the time has now come when the Christianity should transform itself from its imperialistic past to a modern, humane and compassionate faith. Would you please be kind enough to take upon yourself the responsibility of accomplishing this?”, he added.

He further said in all the states, districts, areas, where Christian missionaries are active and powerful, the hatred, crime, social unrest, separatism, addiction are on the increase and the environment of peace, harmony, brotherhood and happiness is fading away. “Would you like to accept this face of Christianity,” he asked the Pope.


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