Friday, October 31, 2008

** The Unholy Altar :Outlook India

'Unholy Altar Of Vote Bank And Appeasement Politics'
Ravi Shankar Prasad
Outlook India

The BJP charges the Congress Party of seeking to cause damage to India’s secular and social unity at the unholy altar of vote bank and appeasement politics.

A party whose political progression over six decades has been littered by numerous such short sighted misadventures that the future generations of the country have had to pay a heavy price for, should, at this critical juncture, desist from undertaking such steps that might cause further damage to India’s social fabric and harmony.

The Congress party, which has openly patronized and encouraged elements which bred and spread terrorism, certainly has no moral right whatsoever to criticize the BJP for an action that does not have any direct or indirect support from the party or its affiliates.

Right from the manner in which the Congress encouraged Bhindranwale which led to the burning of Punjab; to overt and covert support to separatist and terrorist organizations like the ULFA in Assam and other states of the north east; to lifting the ban on SIMI after coming to power in 2004; then re-imposing the ban under the pressure and protests by security forces and other nationalist elements; by deliberately not producing relevant documents before the tribunal considering the ban on SIMI; conspicuous silence by the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi when so called stalwarts of the UPA cabinet are continuing to describe SIMI as a cultural organization; using governmental authority to promote the interests of Bangladeshi infiltrators to undo the directive of the Supreme Court judgement wherein infiltration was described as amounting to aggression on the nation; and to top it all, clouding the sacrifice of a heroic police officer in the Jamia shootout case which is a clear manifestation of the worst symptom of vote bank and appeasement politics; the history of the Congress party is but a progression of such activities that have had a direct and detrimental impact on the country’s security and social harmony.

Given this background, the BJP is amazed at the sheer hypocrisy of the Congress party over the manner in which it has sought to attack the BJP on the issue of arrests of the certain persons in Madhya Pradesh in context of Malegaon blasts particularly when the party’s position on the issue of terrorism is unambiguous i.e. that terrorists have no religion and must be punished. The BJP demands a proper, fair and professional investigation against all those who are alleged to be involved. Let evidence be produced and law take its own course.

The Party does not approve of violence at all. The BJP also seriously condemns the reported comments like "Hindu Terrorism" and Saffron Terrorism". Those who mindlessly use such terms have never used terms like "Muslim Terrorists" when many Muslims were found involved in terrorism and killing of people in various parts of the country. Some of the elements were only called "jihadis".

The BJP strongly deprecates Hindu bashing by so called pseudo secularists and some segments of the media. This is again actuated only by vote bank and appeasement politics.

The nation needs to ponder a larger question. Should we condemn an entire religion or way of life for the alleged indiscretions or misguided actions of but a few? Will our Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh like to lose some sleep over this new pernicious tendency as he lost some when an alleged innocent doctor was arrested in Australia?

Before making any other charges against any party, the Congress party would do well to seriously introspect and answer to the nation about the recent conviction of Mohammed Surti for twenty years, who was a Congress Minister in the year 1991-1993 in the then Gujarat government, on the serious charge of transporting AK 47s, hand grenades in his official vehicle in the year 1992-93 as also involvement in the bomb blasts.

Need we remind the Congress party about the conviction of another congress office bearer, Sushil Sharma, the then President of the Delhi Youth Congress in the infamous tandoor murder case or the direct involvement of Bhola Pandey in hijacking an aeroplane? Did anyone ever infer that such elements represented the entire Congress Party?

The nation requires a much more seasoned and nationalistic approach to such critical issues.

Sensitive Issue of Maharashtra

The BJP strongly condemns the merciless and brutal killing of yet another north Indian near Thane in Maharashtra when he was seeking to board a train for his hometown. Given the lack of any effective action against elements like the MNS and its leader Raj Thackrey, it is becoming increasingly clear that the ruling Congress-NCP dispensation in the state is definitely -- overtly or covertly -- encouraging or supporting such elements for extraneous political considerations.

The BJP strongly believes that India is one country and anyone and everyone has a complete right to go and settle in any part of the country, this being a Fundamental Right enshrined in the Constitution.

When Constitutional norms are being blatantly flouted repeatedly for the last so many months, why has the government of India not yet issued any directive to the Maharashtra Government under Article 355?

Even the much vocal Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan whose demand for issuing a Directive to Karnataka and Orissa government under Article 355 came up almost immediately after the unfortunate incidents in those states, are now conspicuously silent. The rank double standards of this UPA government is clearly evident.

The BJP demands proper protection for every Indian in any part of the country from such parochial elements who do not understand the identity of India. The BJP also demands a proper and fair investigation into these incidents and Central Government issuing a directive to the Maharashtra Government under Article 355. ---